List of Courses offered in Gulf University Bahrain 2024-2025

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List of Courses offered in Gulf University, Bahrain

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Gulf University, founded in 2001, is a leading institution of higher learning that continuously works to cultivate intellectual excellence fostering a spirit of self-reliance and self-respect. The University has opened up a new horizon in scholarly endeavor and has contributed significantly towards global community.

Gulf University has much to be proud of: experienced and adept faculty and staff; diverse student body; and a vibrant network of community that recognizes our campus as a vital academic, economic, and cultural resource for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Student success is our focal point. We believe that education is the heart to any society. Therefore, building a solid citizenship amongst our students would shape a better tomorrow for our country and the world from a holistic approach. Our highly qualified faculty and staff are dedicated to offering programs that equip students’ reach their individual aspirations and stay attuned to social needs. We seek opportunities in and out of the classroom for students, faculty and staff to work, learn, collaborate, and promote a student-centered conducive environment.

Effective communication with faculty, staff, students, community partners, problem-solving management, and an unwavering focus on what is best for our students are the key driving principles of my leadership role as the Chairperson. Based on that, I look forward to continuing my engagement with campus constituents to expand the University’s intellectual stand and critical thinking as well as the creative horizons to make Bahrain and the world a better place.


College of Engineering
College of Administrative & Financial Science
College of Communication & Media Technologies
College of Law

Gulf University comprises of (4) Colleges. Currently, only (3) Colleges offer bachelor programs. GU programs are based not only on today’s socio-economic demands in the job market, but also based on local, regional and international academic standards.


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