List of Programs Offered in Kingdom University 2024-2025

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List of Programs Offered in Kingdom University

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College of Architectural Engineering & Design

Within our framework of catering to the needs of the Bahraini and Gulf society, Kingdom University decided to inaugurate a college for Architectural Engineering and Design. The College was established to provide high-quality education to specialized graduates who would combine academic learning with practical skills and training, and contribute to enhancing the architectural development already being undertaken in the area. The first academic program in Architectural Engineering started at the beginning of 2005 with no more than eight students, and this number has now increased to over 100 students. At the end of 2007, the university celebrated the graduation of its first set of Bachelor’s degree holders in Architectural Engineering and Design.

Department of Architecture Engineering

The Department of Architecture Engineering in Kingdom University focuses on linking modern academic studies with practical application through a wide variety of activities that prepare students to meet the needs and aspirations of the community and the labor market in the Gulf region and around the world. Our department promotes the development of the student’s professional skills and builds his/her professional character to enable them to compete fairly in their careers.

The excellence of Architecture Engineering graduates is demonstrated in their access to good employment following graduation, whether in the private sector in engineering and consultancy firms or in the public sector, as part of Ministries, Municipalities, and other similar agencies. The architecture engineering department keeps track of alumni as well as improving its benchmarking against local and international provision and professional body requirements to continually track the latest developments within the curriculum.

Department of Interior Design

The department of interior design at Kingdom University aims to provide distinctive learning of space design engineering through an updated academic program offered in the College of Architectural Engineering and design.  The department attracts imaginative students from varied study backgrounds, ages, gender, and nationalities to develop their knowledge, skills, and attributes transform them into professional innovators in the interior design of built environments.

Recently, The Interior Design Program has been reviewed through quality standard procedures including an extensive benchmarking against local, regional, and international similar programs and accreditation standards. That lead to developing a significantly revised program (2020-2021), which has been aligned with the professional standards of The Society of British & International Interior Design (SBID) and professional Standards of Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) in the USA and reviewed and commented upon favorably by professors from the wide world. The Revised Programme is offered from January 2021.

The Interior Design curriculum is well organized to provide academic progression year on year and course by course and balance the number of courses and credits evenly over the program to provide a suitable workload for students.  Students learn in a stimulating studio-based educational environment.  Students are taught, learn, and work collaboratively to gain the design experiences of several types of interior environments. In the design studios, the students are supported to gain theoretical, historical, and technical knowledge and practice in a teamwork environment in which the students also cultivate their oral, written, and visual communication skills. The program is delivered to the learners among interactive learning strategies, such as Design stimulation, Problem-solving and creativity, Research and lifelong learning, Work-based learning, Flipped learning activity, Competitions. and extra-curricular activities.


The breadth and depth of the 142 credits curriculum structure ensure efficient delivery of the following fields:

  • Interior design
  • Scenography/ Furniture/ Adaptive Design Engineering,
  • Construction and Materials application in interior design
  • Computer-aided drafting and design
  • Human Factors and society need.
  • Environmental Sustainability, smart and green design
  • History and theory of architecture, art, and Design
  • Design Professional Practice, and Management
  • Visual, verbal, and written communications.

College of Information Technology

The College of Information Technology at Kingdom University aims to provide state-of-the-art IT programs that prepare graduates with strong knowledge and skills required by the job markets and with a strong basis for continuing post-graduate studies. The incredible developments in the areas of computing, IT, mobile phone apps, games, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cyber security, internet of things (IoT), etc have made the development and offering of IT programs even more significant.

The program of BSc in Computer Science includes optional tracks in which the student specializes in modern fields such as data science and big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning and various areas of user experience such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The optional tracks also include Apps development for the web or the Internet, mobile phone, and electronic game applications. The courses will also include topics required by the job market such as cyber security, cloud computing, and database systems. The university has signed an agreement with the AWS Academy (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Imagine to provide the opportunity for students studying in the program to obtain professional certificates in the fields of cloud computing and other modern fields required by the labor market.

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at Kingdom University provides its students with a variety of Knowledges and Skills that will enable them to be prepared for the current and future digital job markets. Coding, algorithms, databases, systems, networks, data science, cyber security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, apps development, web development etc are among the many keywords and topics studied. We are keen to provide our students with the professional certification requirements through our partnership with AWS Academy and Microsoft Imagine.

College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration is empowering the local and regional labor market with graduates who are active and have successfully attained noted positions within their field. The main objective of our programmes is to equip graduates with theoretical knowledge, noted practical skills, teamwork capabilities, business ethics, and a high level of community engagement. The College of Business Administration is composed of two departments: Department of Business Management and Department of Finance and Accounting. The Department of Finance and Accounting offers two programmes: BSc. in Finance and Accounting and BSc. in Finance and Banking. The Department of Business Management offers BSc. in Business Management.

Business Management

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Banking

College of Law

Bachelor of Science in Law

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